Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hunt for my sanity...

Well all this time off you would think I could have gotten to writing on my blog a lot sooner. Sometimes I create a goal for myself that if the tiniest part is not accomplished is abandoned. Hence why when I didn't finish describing about all my goals for November I just felt I could never catch up. Well I am finished I just need to remember that I am not perfect, but I need to get my thoughts out and move forward not living in the past.
So in the middle of Jan. 2012 I finished my nanny job, but had great hopes for another in MA that needless to say made me enormously happy! I returned home to Utah to visit family and especially my new baby nephew. All was going according to plan until my wonderfully planned life in MA came to a halt. That job fell through and the reality of affording MA living and searching for a job did not combine. It's hard to explain my love for MA in words, the best way I have found is that it just is in my heart and a part of me, like my love for the color teal ;) Honestly until I was able to take a trip across the country back to MA to say goodbye, I can now be calm about the fact of living here in Utah once again.
Now when friends and family reminded me of the difficulty of finding a job I listened, but didn't believe it would affect me. I WAS WRONG! My jobs have always kind of fallen into my lap to which now I can say how eternally grateful I am for that. Having such a wide variety of jobs all my life is now making deciding and getting a job so difficult. It has only been 2 months since leaving MA, but it feels like at least 6 for me. I am grateful that I can now sympathize with those who have struggled with job searching and the heartache it brings. I am dipping my hands into as many opportunities that I can think of and so grateful for the help I am graciously receiving. Hopefully I can use this experience to help me to aide others later on and in being grateful for any job I receive. For now I will "just keep swimming."

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Blessings (Week 1)

So I have decided that, yes, much does happen in my life, but I am just not being good at keeping up with it by blogging nor by my own journal keeping :/ I have decided that for the month of November I would explain about the daily posts I put on Facebook of what I am grateful for. Therefore every Sunday I will post about the week, so here we go!

Nov. 1- "I am grateful for electricity!"
On this day we had our power go out with no warning beforehand. Halloween weekend we New Englanders were blessed from 7-20" of snow! Needless to say it was unexpected. Thousands of people were without power again and in this cold it was not welcomed! By some miracle ours stayed on only flickering in threat. Well in order to fix others without power ours needed to be turned off for half the day. Memories of my recent 6 days without power came flooding into my head and I was not excited! Not to mention I was actually really surprised to see how quickly the house got so cold and a couple warm drinks in I had had enough. Well...blessings came and we had power back on and Ryan hardly noticed. So grateful for a warm home and the sacrifice of those to make electricity possible!!

Nov. 2- " I am grateful for footy pajamas :)"
Being stuck with a baby all day in the house really starts to get to you let me tell you! Especially because this is not my house so I cannot organize and clean as I normally would in my own home to keep me busy. Needless to say my favorite place to go has become Target! I <3 it so much. Well on this day I was moseying along when I saw footy and beautiful pajamas. My childhood flew back and I knew they must be mine. It didn't help that the lady also admiring them was torn herself and telling me more and more about how great they are therefore having me completely convinced. She and I both gave in haha. Not only this, but they were $5.00 off and I have a Target card giving me another 5% off! They have the sock monkeys on the feet and one at the top and the rest all red. I wore them last night and am in love. Thank you TARGET!

Nov. 3- "So grateful to have temples near me.....more specifically the Boston temple where I can go hear some Portuguese once a month. "
So 3 years ago Nov. 1, 2009 I went through the SLC temple to receive my endowment. Temples to me just became a little more special and making me realize how blessed I have been to always have them so close. Well here in Boston I have the opportunity to go once a month and to hear a session in my mission language of Portuguese. I have become spoiled and I love it! It of coarse just took one time to find instant friends there and I look forward to go every month and to see my sweet Brazilian friends in the best place on earth. I love that I know Portuguese because I remember the heartache and sacrifice it took me to learn it and I want to keep doing all that I can so as not to lose it. For now I will continue to enjoy hearing this beautiful language at my favorite temple :)

Nov. 4- "I am grateful to live in the time of the internet....even more so when it works!"
On this day I was struggling to get my internet to cooperate. I realized just how much it is taking over my life. Recently I made the mistake of getting involved with Pinterest. Imagine my addiction to Facebook and multiply it x10!! Okay, okay perhaps not quite that bad, but I do love it. In my solitary life here with a baby the internet is my connection to the world and my friends. I can now skype someone for free and feel like I made a real visit. I can chat and catch up with others in how they are. E-mail, Hulu, ITunes, social media, YouTube...Ugh the list is endless. I am certain I COULD live without it if necessary, but for now I will enjoy it's blessings.

Nov. 5- "Grateful for a lazy day and wishing I could afford a spa treatment every weekend."
Last weekend my upper back became so unbearable that I splurged on a Groupon for a 60 min. massage and 40 min facial. The massage was beyond what I needed and could not have come any sooner I truly felt blessed. Well, the other part of the Groupon was received on this day and it was such a treat to look forward to all day. My face has surprisingly been very dry and the exfoliating and work she did made such a difference. I know it's not something I can afford all the time, but what a blessing to be able to pamper myself and I hope not to forget to do that because I am worth it!

Nov. 6- "Grateful to finally go to my OWN ward today after crazy Oct."
October really was such a busy month and makes me a little leery of the Holidays that are ahead. First there was General Conference, then our ward conference which I was actually in D.C. for. Following we had Stake conference then the YSA did a regional education conference and finally last weeks church was cancelled due to power outage from the snow. Recently I have switched to a different ward with a new YSA group. This ward is actually my old family ward that I attended about 10 years ago when I was nannying before. I am so grateful for the excuse to return there and feel the love in a family ward, but reep the blessings of still working with the young adults. Today I met 2 members who speak Portuguese which made my day even richer. I love this gospel so much and am grateful that I am blessed to go every week to be reminded of these blessings that I have.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm back!! Long post sorry....

Umm okay wow!! Really time has flown by and already we are into Fall my favorite time of the year especially here in my favorite place of Boston!
So when my sister started a blog she mentions that she would keep it updated every Thur. or Friday. Naturally I made sure to keep on her toes if this was not the case. Well when I had started the Body for Life plan I knew that this blog would be neglected...shouldn't have done that because now the habit is gone and playing catch up is never any fun, but here I go.
So the diet....yeah it pretty much left after Cape Cod. Cannot even remember now if I had mentioned the Cape, but most likely no I am thinking. My employers had made a family vacation to go to Cape Cod. Normally I am not a sun bather for those of you who know me. Also the feel of sand makes me cringe. Luckily for Cape Cod I had been there before and remember the powdery perfect sand. Ryan was not such a fan of the ocean for the first time, but after going the second day he gave it a shot. Looking into the vast ocean was pretty intimidating I am sure. The weather was actually very decent and Katherine came back with me the second time I went down. Apparently while we were at the beach there was an earthquake in DC that could be felt in Boston, but luckily nothing for us. Man what a year for natural disasters! After Cape Cod there was actually a hurricane that came through the east coast that by the time it hit us has turned into a tropical storm. Unluckily we still went without power for 6 days...not advised with a baby! Pretty much the min. I landed in NC the powere came back on haha.
Next I had the opportunity to go to NC for Labor day and visit my mission companion Sis. Larson (Kim Triplett) and her hubby Matt. Pure entertainment and laughter is how I would describe that little trip. I have never been to NC and hearing the southern accent was just indescribable especially from Matt and I had only really ever hear him speak Portuguese and broken english before this haha. They are expecting their first child so we were just taking a nice and easy time. So we went to the Flea market there and for some reason I didn't bring my camera!! There are not enough words to say the joy that brought me. I love people watching and this was a perfect array of people to watch. Actually there were also some great deals and I left with some brand new cute litte shoes, X-men movies and all but the last of the Harry Potter series. They also introduced me to Cook Out fast food that honestly made the best milkshake I have ever had! Probably a good thing they do not have them here in Boston! It was also during this trip that I was convinced into finally getting Netflix and indeed I do love it. Also Kim made some Pão de Quiejo or cheese bread that was a divine Brasil treat. Also I found out that we share a love of crocheting. Finally I went with them to get some new baby blanket patterns so I could make Melanie's little boy a blessing blanket. We had great success and Kim found some great monster toy patterns to crochet. All in all it was super relaxing especially to have power again and to feel a good spirit and in good company. Really saying nightly prayers together especially in Portuguese made me miss my mission and then living with a priesthood holder.
Being in their little branch as well made me miss being in a family ward and I decided to move wards. Actually the family ward I attended here in 2002 just started a young adult group for the stake and could really used some help as most of them are recently graduated from high school. Also the fact that the church is 10 min from my house makes me very happy again avoiding the city parking.
Just as I was in the process of moving wards we had our tri-ward campout at camp Zion. It was very deceiving to have beautiful looking weather, but beyond cold especially so soon in the season I felt. For the first night I felt as if hypothermia would get the best of me. Sadly 3 of us were all suffering the entire night thinking we were the only ones. The following night I made sure to wear all possible clothes and coat and survived. It was a great weekend and I lucked out in meeting much needed and great new friends. Unfortunately for many the BYU loss to the Utes was tragic, but it really made me smile ;) Each ward also put on some priceless dance moves shown here on youtube. ( my ward doing some bollywood), (CRW ward doing hip hop)

and my other favorite (CRW Folk song). All and all a successful campout and great memories.
It is now officially Fall and I am loving every second! I really can't think of anything I dislike about Fall and being here in Boston just makes it all the sweeter once again. I love the clothes, crisp weather, great warm food (especially everything pumpkin flavored). I was able to also do my first wedding hair since being here in Boston that really is making me realize how much I miss doing hair. Starting to think more and more that I will just dive back into that when Jan. comes around here in a couple months.
Last weekend I lucked out on having another mini vacation in Baltimore and DC for 4 days. I stayed with my cousin Mandy and family, my sister friend and my friend Jessica Carlise and hubby Robbie and spent time with my other cous Brian. Pretty sure months of planning couldn't have produced a better time for such a short time there! Getting to be with Mandy's family was priceless and her kids are so well behaves. Although I am sure my sweet ITouch may have improved their behavior slightly ;) I was able to go to an Amish market, baby consignment sale and be completely entertained by their flirty older neighbor. I really love talking with old people they make me smile. They also live right on the water so the view was beautiful! (Again I will get a slidshow up of all this asap) I then made it to the DC temple that was also breathtaking and did some work inside and also visited the visitors center. Brian took me to Cafe Rio that of coarse was greatly welcomed and a little piece of home. Visiting the city was a little different than I expected and made me realize how used to Boston I am. It seemed so much slower there and laid back, newer and spacious. I would go to DC a 100x over NYC for sure although I feel fortunate to be so close and have visited there. Pretty much the best idea was doing a segway tour, worth every penny!! It went for 2 hours and we had a great guide who was very informative, interesting and entertaining for sure. Becoming pros on our segways was pretty great as well and I desire to purchase one sometime in the near future haha. My last stop was the Holocaust museum that really was pensive. For me one of the hardest things to swallow were the videos on the experiments that were made on the Jews while they were still alive, pure torture. Not sure I will every understand such hatred and sickness, but how inspiring to see the perseverance through such times as well. Very inspiring.
Okay so I know I missed many details believe it or not, but now you are caught up and I can move on and keep you all updated in my o-so-exciting life. If you have not stopped following me I thank you and if you are new I hope this all makes sense as it is quite late, but what's new. Até mais amigos!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Working out every day, but Sunday has surprisingly been such a huge success and sense of accomplishment. Truly it is my drug of choice. Being able to switch up my routine daily and feel like it's something new daily is so exhilarating. I still don't LOVE exercising, but I have so much more energy and a much better attitude.
Unfortunately somehow I tweaked my knee which is most strange because I did mainly walking with only a little jogging on Tuesday. Well, by favoring my knee I threw out my lower back! As difficult as it is to work out ever day, not doing it is most disappointing. I am doing my best to continue my eating habits, but 2 days of not working out is hard and I really don't want to lose the habit. As to my title I believe ibuprofen can pretty much heal everything. It is an anti-inflammatory so with what hurts me that usually covers it. So glad that I have been so lucky to be so healthy, but also that I live in the age that I do. Also with all my different jobs that I have had that have given me the knowledge that I have. So today I will enjoy my 2 ibuprofen and hope that it's enough to get back working out tomorrow. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


So I am doing the Body for Life 12 week challenge. I have never ever been a dieter in any form, but considered myself to be a pretty healthy person and not large craver of sweets. My life here in Boston has been such a different pace and to be honest depressing. It feels like it hit me all at once how out of shape I was.
Found out I am majorly lacking Vitamin D which would explain my terrible joint pain. When I was reading about the experiences of others on this challenge how they were feeling it was almost to a T to how I felt. This program just feels right to me. Thank you to my sis who had me buy the book at a yard sale while I was in Utah for a whopping $1.
Anyhoo I started a blog for this experience that is private which means I will probably be lacking on this one. I am loving it though already and just having this great goal and something to look forward to is making such a difference. Will keep you posted!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

East Coast adventures with Alison...

Sooooo I wanted to wait until Alison and I returned from NY before I wrote this next post. Unfortunately I am not well know for being prompt. Actually I was very happy to play with my new MacBook Pro and to make a slideshow, but let's just say I am not very technology savvy. As I went to upload my beloved slideshow, what I thought would also be a simple thing, of coarse didn't go as smoothly hence I gave up. Finally having a moment to write my post I am giving it another shot.
My friend Alison came to Boston for a visit on her way to Vermont for her residency and graduation at Norwich University. I have been very lucky to have the friends I have also for the different interests they bring to enlighten my eyes. Alison has a love for history that you can't help but want to love just as much.
We started our trip right in the great city of Boston just looking at some good touristy spots that really I hadn't seen or at least not in some time. We also enjoyed Al's chicken sandwich, which if you have never tried is a MUST! It was great just walking around Boston especially because it was a weekday so it was much calmer. Talking together about how much we love Boston and how Alison wants so badly to move here. Our plans for a double wedding and raising our kids here on the east coast engrossed our conversation most of this trip haha. Visiting Concord and Lexington was so great as well and still crazy to me that I live so close to both. While visiting the North bridge it was just a perfect day. It was raining so hardly anyone was around and we could just enjoy reading all about it and taking beautiful pics of the scenery. How blessed we are truly! Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to my instincts and kept my rubber cover off my ITouch...lets just say I am on my third one and hoping the third one really is a charm! Also I had the opportunity to go to my first RED SOX game!! We won which was exciting and really it was a great game with the Brewers the ambiance was fantastic. I love people watching and this night did not disappoint...."eight seats!"
Driving to New York was shall we say interesting. On the one hand I loved being able to see some different state sights because all the states are so close here, but I am not one to be patient. I have gotten so used to driving everywhere myself that it took some humbling to turn over the reins. Alison's dad did a great job, just like my dad though he enjoyed the detours! We left at 9:30 and I believe we made it there by about 5:30 or so...some entertaining moments and some good naps in. Her moms comments about "be careful there are people right there" being one of my favorites hehe.
New York was great to visit, but it became very clear to me I am very much a Boston gal. New York is all lights and entertainment, great food and such, but it's so smoggy and dirty I couldn't handle it for long not to mention my wallet would deplete rather quickly. Touring Central Park was really beautiful and so striking that there is such a large beautiful oasis surrounded by mayhem. By far our most entertaining spot was the Times Square Toys R Us, I know, I know we weren't expecting that either haha. We ended up taking a ride on the ferris wheel in the cabbage patch cart that I must admit was a little creepy and great all in one. We totally got sold in buying pics there as well because they turned out so great, good times. The lego displays are amazing and little did I know we could see all the sights of NYC all in one spot!
After enjoying some fantastic frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity's we made our way home on the "T". Unfortunately this turned into a very long night. Instead of the one line back to our hotel as we thought they were doing construction which then meant a very loooong detour! Poor Alison had to experience one of the police station bathroom stalls that shall we say were not very clean or private...haha so sad! Rats in the subway station are not something I hope to never experience again. Alison figured we took at least 8 different lines to finally make it back her poor parents were pooped and not sure they were loving this first NYC experience.
Our last day was spent in the NYC temple which was a blessing in so many ways. It is definitely a small temple, but such a ginormous blessing to get away and feel peace and love in the crazy city of New York. Poor Alison had a panic attack thinking I had taken off without her only to find out I was chatting away with one of the sisters there, sorry again! Going there was another great highlight to this trip. We then went to Junior's where Alison found her new love in their red velvet cake. Junior's has the best cheesecake that I hope to try all the flavors of one day.
Sadly all good things must come to an end. Luckily both our flights were delayed so we could enjoy chatting a bit longer. I loved having a piece of home here in New England and a true friend to spend time with. In case I didn't tell you enough Alison I am so glad we are friends and the funny circumstances that made it come to be. I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I much as I love Boston I sorely miss my friends and family. Alson and I were talking so long that we both about missed our flights, oops! Such great memories :)

Alas I could not upload the slideshow here, but here is the YouTube link:

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Twista!!

Although Yes I am almost a week behind I would be ungrateful if I had not mentioned this historic tragedy so close to me. Last Wednesday June 1, 2011 here in MA there was a twista! From what I have heard, unsure of the truth, it has been over 100 years since tornados have been here. I was in a word quite surprised when I turned on the television to find out a tornado was threatening Springfield. This is about an hour from me so although alarming I still felt safe....that is until we went into tornado warning affect! If it would have been just me I think it may have been less threatening, but being in charge of a baby, especially one that is not my own added to the worry. Promptly I got a bottle ready and his diaper bag a necessities I thought could keep him good for some time should anything happen. Luckily we were okay and actually he fell asleep in my closet amongst the excitement! I recently had just moved into the basement which was perfectly convenient. Unfortunately there is still a large window in my room, which with a twista is not that convenient. Well we did experience wind and very loud thunder with lightening. Although we made it okay it is unfortunate the damage that comes from such a quick and unpredictable storm. Everyone seems to be jumping in to help those that were affected. How grateful I am for service and those that care to help our fellow men. Our lives can change in an instant so I hope to continue to make the best of it.