Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hunt for my sanity...

Well all this time off you would think I could have gotten to writing on my blog a lot sooner. Sometimes I create a goal for myself that if the tiniest part is not accomplished is abandoned. Hence why when I didn't finish describing about all my goals for November I just felt I could never catch up. Well I am finished I just need to remember that I am not perfect, but I need to get my thoughts out and move forward not living in the past.
So in the middle of Jan. 2012 I finished my nanny job, but had great hopes for another in MA that needless to say made me enormously happy! I returned home to Utah to visit family and especially my new baby nephew. All was going according to plan until my wonderfully planned life in MA came to a halt. That job fell through and the reality of affording MA living and searching for a job did not combine. It's hard to explain my love for MA in words, the best way I have found is that it just is in my heart and a part of me, like my love for the color teal ;) Honestly until I was able to take a trip across the country back to MA to say goodbye, I can now be calm about the fact of living here in Utah once again.
Now when friends and family reminded me of the difficulty of finding a job I listened, but didn't believe it would affect me. I WAS WRONG! My jobs have always kind of fallen into my lap to which now I can say how eternally grateful I am for that. Having such a wide variety of jobs all my life is now making deciding and getting a job so difficult. It has only been 2 months since leaving MA, but it feels like at least 6 for me. I am grateful that I can now sympathize with those who have struggled with job searching and the heartache it brings. I am dipping my hands into as many opportunities that I can think of and so grateful for the help I am graciously receiving. Hopefully I can use this experience to help me to aide others later on and in being grateful for any job I receive. For now I will "just keep swimming."

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